Interviewing is an art

Given the current job climate, and the fact that it is an employer’s bonanza out there, you need to sell yourself at the interview as the most suitable candidate. Here are a few tips:

The best advice is to be prepared. You may only have one chance to make a good first impression, so it is critical to be in top shape and well versed for this important meeting.  Following is a list of questions to assess your interview readiness:

  • Do I have a positive mindset? Do I feel confident and ready to go? Do I feel energized and enthusiastic about my potential future?
  • Do I know my product – me? Have I gone through an extensive self-assessment process? Do I know what skills and experience I have to offer?
  • What about the marketplace? Have I researched my field, potential industries and companies? Am I aware of what is happening in the global market? What problems can I help solve? How can I contribute to this organization and its viability in the marketplace?
  • Do I know, specifically, what I have to offer (differentiators) in comparison to other candidates?
  • Does my CV tell my story in a convincing manner? Does it highlight my skills, accomplishments and competencies? Does it make me stand out from the competition?
  • Have I practiced the tough interview questions so I feel comfortable? Is my delivery smooth, convincing and clear? Have I prepared specific examples of my skills, knowledge and experience in actions that demonstrate my qualifications?

People often fear interviewing because they feel as if they are in front of a tough jury. In truth, it is a two-way process: you are judging the company as much as they are judging you. Just be yourself and convey your expertise effectively. Importantly, try and make the interviewing process enjoyable!

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