Our passion, positivity and knowledge is our point of difference.

Put simply we write CVs and job applications. Of course the service we deliver is so much broader than this description implies.

The importance of a professional CV cannot be overstated, especially when applying for jobs that require you to meet strict selection criteria. These prerequisites can be tricky but this is where we excel.

With over 15 years experience, Colette and CU2 are truly passionate about helping our clients gain the confidence they need to step out and pursue their highest ambitions.

Our personalised, holistic approach is designed to put you at ease while we do the heavy lifting, crafting an individually focussed resume that showcases the very best of your skills and merit.

The advantages we can provide extend to improving your interview skills, enhancing your professional online profile and one-on-one career counselling. This can be essential in identifying your personal roadblocks and accessing untapped potential. Gaining a fresh perspective and an assured new outlook can be life-changing professionally and personally.

We are industry leaders with a proud reputation built on care and attention and a determination to guide you towards your best employment opportunities.

We have had the great privilege of helping many wonderful people navigate the often daunting path of career change. Their success is our success and we would love for it to be yours too.

Why Choose Us?

Critical Knowledge and Experience

We pride ourselves on being up to date with the very specific criteria required for applications to government positions. Our comprehensive CVs are second to none.

Dedicated Client Focus

Our success is driven by a keen interest in our clients’ individual needs. we work in close consultation with you to best represent your strengths and suitability to prospective employers.

Exceptional Outcomes

Our expertise has helped countless applicants on their pathway to their chosen fields. 81% of our clients make it through to the interview process.

Colette Kelly-Smith - Principal

Before launching Consult Us 2 in 2000, Colette spent17 years in the public sector. Here she performed demanding managerial roles and acted as a consultant to major organisations on job selection, recruitment and career change. She also obtained credentials in training groups, facilitation and skills assessment.

Since branching out on her own Colette has never lost her determination to help people change their careers, apply for jobs and get promoted.

A huge proponent of personal development and the power of positive thinking, her ‘Life in the Brain Lane’ venture aims to help people gain the tools to observe, assess and change their thoughts and ultimately – their lives.